Hear what our clients have to say

“I am pleased to say that the Diocese of the Midwest, currently insured through Insurance Systems Agency, Inc. located in Cleveland, has been able to rest assured that all insurance related matters are addressed. Michael Herzak, who has always demonstrated his love and concern for the well-being of the Diocese, has taken a hands-on personal approach to details, making sure all properties and liabilities are covered. We know we have the experience of a seasoned professional as well as a knowledgeable Orthodox Christian.”

The Most Reverend Job (of Blessed Memory)
Former Archbishop of Chicago and the Diocese of the Midwest
Chicago, IL

“As rector of Archangel Michael Parish in Broadview Heights, Ohio, I have appreciated the expertise, commitment and prompt service we have consistently received from Insurance Systems Agency, Inc. Michael G. Herzak’s agency continues to provide updated coverage based on his unique insight into all insurable assets within the Orthodox Church. His ability to discern the intrinsic value of such properties as iconography, ecclesiastical wares and vestments has been key to the complete and quality coverage we possess.”

The Very Rev. John Memorich
Rector of Archangel Michael Church
Broadview Hts. OH

“We wish to express our sincere appreciation to Insurance Systems Group for the exceptional attention they have given to our parish’s insurance needs. Recently, we suffered a major loss as a result to a flood in Wheaton, IL that engulfed the basement of our church. While the loss of material things can be replaced, it was comforting to know that the insurance we carry with ISG made it possible for us to recover and return to “normal” with a minimum amount of disruption. We offer our compliments and deepest gratitude for the assistance and guidance Insurance Systems offered us and for ensuring that we had the appropriate insurance coverage to meet our unique needs.”

The Very Rev. John Matusiak
Rector of St. Joseph Orthodox Church
Wheaton, IL

“We can not thank Insurance Systems enough for their work on insuring our church. Our church was quite underinsured with the last insurance company we were with. I thought we had the right insurance for our activities, but the truth of the matter was that we had not checked the insurance in a long time and we had outgrown the policy.”

Reverend Jacob Myers
Rector of St. John the Wonderworker Orthodox Church
Atlanta, GA

“Few insurance agents could truly understand, appreciate and evaluate properly the needs of Orthodox parishes and institutions like Mike Herzak. His expertise in the field, his reliability and especially his immersion in his own parish life enabled him to offer us a complex coverage for areas of the church life and liabilities we have previously not contemplated. Our experience with the Insurance Systems could be simply described in the warmest terms I could use as a pastor.”

The Very Rev. Remus Grama
Rector of St. Mary Romanian Orthodox Cathedral
Cleveland, OH

“In March of 2006, All Saints Orthodox Church in Olyphant, Pennsylvania, was ravaged by fire which left the interior of the church in ruins. By nothing other than the very Providence of God, just months earlier, during the summer of 2005, the trustees of All Saints Church had realized that the current property insurance on the church and All Saints Parish Center was inadequate and we needed to investigate new and better rates of insurance. It was at that time that we contacted Insurance Systems. They provided us with a new and detailed policy through Guide One which upgraded, updated, and surpassed our old coverage by millions of dollars—at a premium less than we had been paying for the outdated policy. All Saints wasted little time in procuring Insurance Systems as our new insurance agent and Guide One as our coverage provider.

Little did we know that the following spring we would be calling on Guide One and Mickey to assist us in restoring our church after the unexpected and devastating fire. Mickey Herzak and Guide One were with us every step of the way during this tedious restoration process which has been five years in the making. We are now nearing completion, thanks in large part to their efforts. His professionalism and business rapport have been exemplary. It is difficult to fathom the dozens of phone calls, teleconferences, mailings of prices and estimates, and perusing of documents that have been exchanged between All Saints Church and Mickey. Truly, he has been a Godsend. Without him and his tireless efforts in making us feel comfortable, reassured, and understood throughout this difficult process, we are convinced (in retrospect) that we could not have come away from this ordeal unscathed.

Fr. David Cowan and Board
All Saints Orthodox Church
Olyphant, PA