A Touching Testimonial

A Touching Testimonial

All Saints Orthodox Church – Olyphant, PA:  A Letter of Endorsement and Gratitude.

In March of 2006, All Saints Orthodox Church in Olyphant, Pennsylvania, was ravaged by fire which left the interior of the church in ruins—the icons painted on canvas blistered and peeled away from the walls and ceiling; soot rested upon every tangible surface; ceiling fans and chandeliers melted leaving them unrecognizable, twisted masses of metal and wire. Literally every inch of the church was damaged from heat, smoke, soot, and water. The aftermath left the church a total disaster.

By nothing other than the very Providence of God, just months earlier, during the summer of 2005, the trustees of All Saints Church had realized that the current property insurance on the church and All Saints Parish Center was inadequate and we needed to investigate new and better rates of insurance. It was at that time that we contacted Michael Herzak, and looked into Guide One Insurance. Not only did Mickey (as he is affectionately known) come personally from his home in Ohio to Pennsylvania to address the Church Council about our existing insurance policy, but also, he provided us with a new and detailed policy through Guide One which upgraded, updated, and surpassed our old coverage by millions of dollars—at a premium less than we had been paying for the outdated policy. To his credit, Mickey did a thorough investigation and inventory of the church’s liturgical items, appraised each and every icon on the walls and ceiling of the church, scrutinized all tangible property inside the church and in the parish center, and attached a value to all items. To say the price was right is an understatement. All Saints wasted little time in procuring Mickey Herzak as our new insurance agent and Guide One as our coverage provider.

Little did we know that the following spring we would be calling on Guide One and Mickey to assist us in restoring our church after the unexpected and devastating fire. Mickey Herzak and Guide One were with us every step of the way during this tedious restoration process which has been five years in the making. We are now nearing completion, thanks in large part to the efforts of Mickey Herzak and Guide One Insurance. His professionalism and business rapport have been exemplary. It is difficult to fathom the dozens of phone calls, teleconferences, mailings of prices and estimates, and perusing of documents that have been exchanged between All Saints Church and Mickey. Truly, he has been a Godsend. Without him and his tireless efforts in making us feel comfortable, reassured, and understood throughout this difficult process, we are convinced (in retrospect) that we could not have come away from this ordeal unscathed.

On behalf of all of the faithful members of All Saints Church, Father David Cowan and the Church Council would like to take this opportunity to thank Mickey Herzak and Guide One Insurance wholeheartedly—for steadfastly assuring and reassuring us that the church would be covered down to the most minute detail. Thanks be to God, the church is even more beautiful now than it had been before the fire, if that is at all possible.

May God continue to guide Michael Herzak and bless him; and, as we proceed forward, we pray that God will allow him and all of us at All Saints Orthodox Church to remain true and faithful stewards in Christ’s Vineyard.


All Saints Orthodox Church Council

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